30th June 1940

occupied by german forces

The first German aircraft arrived at Guernsey Airport on the 30th June this marked the beginning of the Occupation.

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9th May 1945

Liberated from German Forces

British Force 135 had arrived and the Germans had surrendered, Occupation had lasted for five long years.

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About the Museum



The German Occupation Museum is located on the small island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands and is owned and operated by Richard Heaume. It all began when Richard the schoolboy began collecting spent bullets in the local fields after the plough had gone by. In June 1966 Richard`s parents allowed him to use the cottage opposite their house to display his collection, bit-by-bit, purpose-built extensions to the small farming cottage, starting in 1976 with the transport corridor and tea room, in 1987 with the superb Occupation Street, and more recently in 2001 a further small extension housing a thought-provoking prison with information about the islands deportees and the tragic story of the Jewess taken away to the Nazi's Auschwitz concentration camp. The museum is now an extensive collection of original Occupation items and documents including many extremely rare pieces.

At the Museum

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Renault FT-17 Tank Turret

The Germans used captured French weapons including the Renault FT-17 tank turret in many places around the island to defend junctions of roads.

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Communication Limber

Salvaged from one of the many tunnels used after the war to dispose of unwanted materials and is now on display in the museum.

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Anti-Tank Gun

The Germans utilised captured guns which they mounted in bunkers around the island. This 4.7cm Pak 36(t) is considerd one of the finest on display.

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